Friday, August 17, 2007

#23 - Summary

1. My favorite discoveries in learning "23 Things" were sites & blogs that were so interesting that I couldn't move forward to the next "thing". I was spending too much time on Youtube stuff & podcast sites. I would like to go back through the list of activities & re-evaluate some of the outcomes and explore some other areas that I wasn't able to at the time.

2. I think that this program has helped me to discovery some new trends & library tools. I am in an occupation where keeping up with the technologies and latest gadgets are helpful in order to understand contemporary patron needs. This approach to learning has definitely expanded my knowledge of technological advancements. However I did feel that after I had learned "23 things" that this would be a never-ending quest for learning more "things".

3. Some of the "23 Things" I had had some experience in dealing with prior to the course. So the outcomes & expectations were lessened by the fact that a few of the areas weren't brand new to me. Those things that were new became a path for exploring deeper each link, tag, & program which broadened the technological journey.

4. The format was easily adaptable and the time frame seemed manageable but it came at a particularly busy time of year for me. It was definitely hands-on but maybe a more 3D/podcast/downloadable visual learning guide instead of reading our lesson each week. I guess I was a bit surprised that the 23 Things program was so text based in it's quest to teach us about hi-tech tools.

5. If I have the opportunity to participate in another program such as this one I would definitely choose to participate. Our library administration has always supported programs that advance our knowledge and that educate our staff so that we are always capable of assisting our library patrons & all of their requests.

6. 23 Things is: Utubelytechnoratiwikiflickerss Blog Fun!

Seriously, 23 things was a learning experience for which we develop the curiousity & desire to learn 23 more technological things:)


Everything in the known universe about Make Money Online - ProBlogger Blog Tips

When checking this out I realized that I was reading more about the actual blog & all of the tips than I was tags, etc.. Like to create a tag on my own but didn't have time:(

# 22 - NetLibrary

NetLibrary lets you access your affiliated library's eContent collection, which can include eBooks, eJournals, and eAudiobooks.

Would like to spend a little more time on actually downloading books.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

#15 - Future of Libraries

After reading so much info. about the future of libraries I found it to be an endless discussion. I did find a pretty good article.

Check it out;)

#18 -Online Spreadsheets

Found a great online program ZOHO that handles wordprocessing & spreadsheets.

#16 Wikis

Great article by Brian Lamb on the use of Wikis & making complicated tools, simple for the public.

Web 2.0 Podcast Service

In checking out thing #19 I was interested in the podcast services. And delighted with this new place to find podcasts.